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Loo was founded in 2021 as a way to eliminate bathroom odors. After nomading the world for over five years, and sharing more bathrooms with friends, boyfriends, and strangers than anyone should have to... our founder knew there had to be a better way to remove those awkward bathroom smells. Aerosols and candles don't travel well, and current spray products leave a lot to be desired.


From this, Loo Drops was born out of necessity. We deserve a product that can travel with us, looks great in any household, and smells fresh without artificial fragrances. And bottom line... something that works. 


So go ahead, eat that XL burrito with all the fixings, share that cozy cabin for two, leave your perfume at home, and most importantly, poop in confidence. The toilet's your oyster!

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Instagram: @loo.drops

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