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A New Era of Personal Care


Our mission is to elevate the bathroom experience by reducing the stigma around something we all do.


We believe that self-care starts the moment you step into your bathroom and leaving it shouldn't be a dreaded experience.


By simply dispensing a few drops of our specially formulated solution into the toilet bowl before use, Loo Drops effectively trap and neutralize odors, leaving the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

We Give a Sh*t


After five years of traveling the world, working nomadically, and sharing more bathrooms with friends, flings, and strangers than anyone should have to, our founder was very familiar with the challenge of doing her business without feeling embarrassed.


Traditional aerosols and candles proved inadequate, and existing spray products left much to be desired. Recognizing the need for a better method to eliminate odors, Loo Drops was born. 

Now, whether it's a shared office, small living space, or weekend away with friends, every bathroom is left smelling fresh.

Founded in 2021 by Anastasia Chapman. Loo Drops is proudly operated in Vancouver, Canada and 100% Female run.
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