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Your Sh*t Stinks

Say GOODBYE to...

  • Stinking up the shared toilet at work 

  • Sneaking to the hotel lobby to do your biz

  • Masking odors with aerosols and matches

  • Embarressing bathroom encounters



Thousands of Happy Customers

Loo Drops Bundle

Time to say GOODBYE to...

Loo Drops Bundle

Formulated to eliminate bathroom odors before they occur. Guaranteed.

  • Use four to six drops before doing your business to create an odor-blocking barrier without artificial fragrances.

  • Made from essential oils like citrus lemon, lemongrass, bergamot, grapefruit, and peppermint.

  • Comes in two stench-fighting scents: eucalyptus citrus and bergamot mint.

  • Provides up to 100 uses per bottle.

  • Blends into your medicine cabinet with discreet packaging.


This Sh*t Works!

"I'm obsessed with Loo Drops! It helps me feel confident when I have to use the bathroom when a partner or friend is around and it's discreet enough to travel with or place in your bathroom."

Shake Icon.jpg

Shake Well

Give it a quick shake! This mixes up the essential oils and secret ingredients ensuring you get max odor coverage. 

Dropper icon.jpg

Dispense 4-6 Drops

Drop up to half a vial of Loo into the toilet bowl and enjoy the aroma from your porcelain throne as you do your biz.

Toilet Icon.jpg

Do Your Business

We don't need to know what you did in there, but we hear a couple of drops after you flush makes the loo smell extra nice.

How This Sh*t Works

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